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Finally! A book that explains the meaning of words that you can't find in most dictionaries and most schools won't teach

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2Swearing and Cursing
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Buy and download now to start learning the English that they don’t teach in schools but everyone knows and uses!

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Have you ever hear a word in English but didn’t it? Download the ebook now to find out! Cursing, swearing and all the bad words are here!

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More than bad words, our comprehensive ebook gives you sexy English too! Want to know naughty words? This is the book for you.

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Reasons to Buy

A large part of becoming good in English is understanding expressions and idiomatic phrases. Many students become lost because they can’t understand. This is especially true in expressions involving bad words or phrases because these are not taught in schools. If you are lucky enough to go and live in an English-speaking country, you may hear some and, with time, be able to understand by yourself. With this e-book, you can learn faster without trying to guess what someone means.

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What they Say!

"Wow! This book is amazing. I always wanted to know what some words really meant but teachers didn't like to talk about them. Now I understand." Jhonny from Mexico "This is a ...

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Author Corey Jubenville has been an ESL / EFL teacher since 1997 both in Canada and internationally. He was director at the Interamerican University's ELC and the English Academy of

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